​​New Website for the Center for STEMM Mentorship at Stanford

Building off of a successful pilot phase in early 2022 and anticipating growing interest in their program offerings, the Center for STEMM Mentorship at Stanford recently launched a website to elevate and advance their work to cultivate the well-being, scientific growth, and personal and professional development of members of STEMM research teams.

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​​America’s Secret Weapon for Global Competitiveness Is Diverse Tech Talent in the “Last Mile”

Ruthe Farmer, CEO of Last Mile Education Fund, authored a recent op-ed in the Harvard Social Impact Review describing the work of her organization and its goal of increasing the ranks of women and people of color in the STEM fields. Last Mile provides fast and flexible grants to undergraduate students who have hit a financial bump in the road, enabling them to stay in school while addressing challenges, such as emergency car repair, laptop replacement or travel for a family emergency, which might otherwise force them to drop out. Click the button below to read the op-ed. 

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​​Expanding the Pipeline in Computer Science: The DREAM Program

The Distributed REsearch Apprenticeships for Masters' (DREAM) is a pilot program being offered by a nationwide consortium of colleges and universities that have created “bridge to MS in Computer Science (CS)” programs for students with non-CS bachelor’s degrees. The strong emphasis of this effort is to provide a new pathway into computing for individuals from populations historically minoritized in tech. It is hard to overstate the importance of this pathway, given the very low percentages of women and people of color pursuing graduate work in CS and given the national crisis in hiring CS faculty.

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