Our mission is to empower people and accelerate scientific discovery.

Since its inception in 2007, the Shanahan Family Foundation has made numerous significant gifts to organizations and institutions nationally.

Fellowship at the Interface of Data and Neuroscience

The Shanahan Foundation Fellowship at the Interface of Data and Neuroscience was created to bring fresh perspectives into the field, encouraging data scientists to work together with leading neuroscientists at the Allen Institute and at the University of Washington.

Penn Medicine

The Department of Neurology at Penn Medicine is the oldest neurology department in the country having pioneered essential treatments and neurodiagnostic techniques in the field. Penn Neurology continues to advance the field of neuromedicine today by offering new approaches and treatments for neurological disorders. Backed by the most extensive diagnostic and imaging facilities available, we work together as a team often collaborating with experts in other medical specialties.

Diagnostics Accelerator (DxA) for Early Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s

The Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation’s Diagnostics Accelerator (DxA) is working to replace today’s expensive and invasive PET imaging and spinal fluid taps with new gold-standard methods for early, non-invasive and affordable diagnosis of Alzheimer’s and related dementias. Launched in July 2018, the DxA has mobilized commitments totaling $50 million to bring focus, resources, and urgency required to solve this important problem.

Last Mile Education Fund

Most scholarship programs seek to identify ‘top’ talent and reward them with support—as long as they stay on top. This leaves out far too many capable students and overfunds a select few. The Last Mile Education Fund takes an abundance approach, investing in a broader group of students already committed to technology and engineering fields, providing support for challenges they face beyond their control, and incubating them to be the next generation of innovators.

The Independent Media Initiative

We help people discover authentic educational and artistic content by supporting and spotlighting exceptional content creators. Together we are building a public media for the 21st century. We’re building a place where audiences can come to find exceptional content by spotlighting the best educational and artistic creators on the internet. Exceptional content requires exceptional creators, and we’re here to support creators who share our vision. We’re developing fellowship programs, community-building events, and creative and professional workshops to help creators flourish.

The Innovative Genomics Institute

The Innovative Genomics Institute is a joint effort between the Bay Area’s leading scientific research institutions, UC Berkeley and UC San Francisco, with affiliates at UC Davis, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Gladstone Institutes, and other institutions. The IGI’s diverse group of leading scientists have powerful interdisciplinary expertise. They conduct world-class research, driven by the real possibility of using genome engineering to treat human diseases, end hunger, and respond to climate change.