About Us

When R. Michael Shanahan created the Shanahan Family Foundation in 2007, he hoped it would be a place where his three children, their spouses, their children, and future generations could work together to make a difference in individuals’ lives.

Mike was a thoughtful and strategic man with a passion for education. He was profoundly influenced by, and ultimately very generous in his commitment, to two institutions of higher learning: the Stanford Graduate School of Business (GSB) and Harvey Mudd College. He not only committed significant funds for buildings, faculty, student fellowships, and innovation, he also volunteered his time and professional experience to further leverage his financial support.

Even as Mike struggled with advancing Alzheimer’s, he wanted to ensure that his family had the tools to continue his philanthropic interests and support their own charitable intent, which includes brain health, and Alzheimer’s research as well as education, equity, and parity — values all family members share.

The mission for the Shanahan Family Foundation is a tribute to its patriarch and a reflection of the family’s commitment to work together: to empower people and to accelerate scientific discovery.